[KF] Ikimonogakari – Nostalgia

Hello there!! ^^, here’s our latest release. Nostalgia by Ikimonogakari. All jobs are done by Zelkova. Thanks to him. Please enjoy it 🙂

Staff :

Timer, Typesetter, Encoder: Zelkova

Lyrics: Jpopasia.com

Translation: quartet4.net

Download Here:

[KF] Ikimonogakari – Nostalgia


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[KF] SNSD & Super Junior – S.E.O.U.L Song (XviD)

Hello there!! ^^, it had been a long time since our last release. And now, here’s our new release, another great work by sakuranodaimon. Not the latest MV from SNSD or SuJu, but it’s one of good MV of them I think :P. Enjoy it ^^

Staff :

Timer, Typesetter, Encoder: sakuranodaimon

Lyrics/Translation: innercharm.blogspot.com

Special Thanks: TinkTonk, soshi_tae

Download Here:

[KF] SNSD & Super Junior – S.E.O.U.L Song (XviD)

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Open Recruitment

Dear readers,

It’s has been a long time since our last project. And we didnt released new project. Actually KF staff just three person, and now all of them are busy with their own life and other project with other fansub group.

And now, we open recruitment to find a new staff to join our fansub group. We looking for this position:

1. Typesetter
2. Timer
3. Korea/Japan Translator

and the qualification just simple:

1. Love Subs
2. Love Japanese or Korean Music

If you interested, you can send PM to


or if you have IM you can add:

ryo_kei_1710@yahoo.com (YM and MSN)

thanks… ^^


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[KF] f(x) – LA chA TA

Here for the second video. f(x) – LA chA TA. They made a great debut. Their song is good and catchy. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Staff :

Timer : sakuranodaimon

Typesetter : sakuranodaimon

Lyrics/Translation : innercharm.blogspot.com

QC, Encoder : ryo1710

Download Here :

[KF] f(x) – LA chA TA Part 1

[KF] f(x) – LA chA TA Part 2

Use this to join the parts :


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[KF] IU – Boo

hello there……… it has been a long time since our first release. Now we back with some korean video. First is IU – Boo. She has a good voice and her song is good. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Staff :

Timer : Zelkova

Typesetter : ryo1710

Lyrics/Translation : titah8221.blogspot.com

Encoder : ryo1710

Download Here :

[KF] IU – Boo

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[KF] Berryz Koubou – Rival (Dance Shot Ver.)

hello there……… this is our first project, was made before this fansub group founded, enjoy 😀


Staff :

Timing : Zelkova

Typesetter : baka

Translator : koushi

Encoder n Uploader : ryo1710

Download Here :

[KF] Berry Koubou – Rival (Dance Shot Ver.) Part 1

[KF] Berry Koubou – Rival (Dance Shot Ver.) Part 2

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New Fansub Group

Hi there~ welcome to our site. We are a new fansub group. Some of us are also staffs of other fansub groups . Our fansub group will sub Korean and Japanese video clips. Thank you and we wish you will enjoy our releases.

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